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I know, there are a lot of websites on the internet about Backpack. However, most of them are covering the basic things, and as an expert on backpacks, I thought I can do even better.

We want you to have comprehensive and detailed guide to every part of your Backpack, and we want to make sure you are that you are getting the best Backpack.

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We make sure that the products are being reviewed and recommended on our site are really high quality. We don’t compromise with quality, never. However, there is some limitation, we research and test the products for a shorter period of time, and write on this blog what we thing about the particular Backpack. As a long time user, you might know better than us, and help us providing your experience.

We will be really glad to include your comment within the article. You can also send us detailed review, and picture of the particular product to us, and we will feature you on our site.

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  • Aurorae Yoga Multi Purpose Crossbody Sling Back Pack
  • Leaper One Strap Sling Cross Body Messenger Bag

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  • Great temperature
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Daniel is the Founder of Backpackinside.com, who contributes to much of the content, and oversees day-to-day operations. 

After completing his studies, Tosh went back to fulfill his dream of solo traveling.

That’s when the topic of backpacking caught his attention.

He noted that most backpacking websites had very little well-researched content and the majority of the information in there was essentially fluff.

He spent countless hours wading through hundreds of websites, couldn’t find a single article containing all the information he needed for his trip.

While traveling across the countries, he picked up a lot of helpful information from fellow experienced backpackers and learned a lot of things that the guidebooks never talk about.

And he also found many novice backpackers that were struggling with the same issues.

That’s how he got the idea was to create a well-designed, user-friendly web resource with all necessary information about backpacking.

Best Rolling Backpacks For School


who has a degree in journalism contributes as the chief editor in our team.

She polish and edits the articles in the best way possible making them an easy read for our readers.

She is available for any kind of queries at K.Spencer@backpackinside.com

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Ann is a seasoned hiker who also works for us as a technical writer.

She is extremely knowledgeable about camping gear and equipment for all outdoor activities, and she puts her heart and soul into every piece she works on.

She can be contacted via her email address, which is Annmichelle@backpackinside.com

Ann Michelle

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He used to curate visual material, but now he’s in charge of the illustration fellowship and all of the site’s art.

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