Cleaning a North Face Backpack is not as difficult as we may believe; nonetheless, one factor that may prevent us from doing so is the question of whether or not washing is essential.

Well, the answer is Yes & No.

Backpacks are something we use regularly. It must also appear clean, just like our clothes.

While a North Face Backpack does require cleaning from time to time, it is not recommended to be washed.

Aside from that, the chance of it getting harmed throughout the washing procedure is also high, mainly if you use a washing machine or harsh detergents.

So, what are your options in this situation aside from washing?

To make things easier for you, I’ve included step-by-step instructions on how to clean a North Face backpack below.

But first, let’s talk about why you should clean your bag in the first place.

Why Should You Clean A Backpack?

A backpack is a significant investment that requires proper care.

It would be best if you kept the bag clean for a variety of reasons.

Sweat salts and skin oils can leak into shoulder straps and belts, whether you’re using a daypack or a huge backpack.

All of these can attract dirt over time, causing the fabric to deteriorate.

Zippers can become clogged, making them difficult to use.

Moreover, leftover food crumbs in bag pockets are also likely to attract bugs and other small creatures, which none of us likes.

Giving your backpacks a good cleaning a few times a year is something worth doing whether you’re a student, a day hiker, or simply a parent with kids who like to get their gear dirty.

The more thoroughly you clean the backpack, the longer you will be able to utilize it.

Techniques To Clean A North Face Backpack

First and foremost, before beginning any form of cleaning, make sure you read the manufacturer’s cleaning recommendations.

Although some brands may not advocate it, the North Face does not encourage submerging their backpacks in water.

It’s fair for you to get concerned about damaging your bag while attempting to clean it.

Well, in that case, you can try one of the following cleaning methods to clean your North Face Backpack.


Brushing your bag is a great way to get rid of dust and other unwanted specks.

You can start by brushing your backpack with a toothbrush or even a makeup brush before going for a more severe alternative like using a lot of water and detergent.

Initiate with the bag’s zips and corners, then continue to the rest.

You may also use a clean piece of cloth or towel to brush the main internal compartments of the backpack.

Spot Cleaning

Spot cleaning is a reliable approach recommended by the North Face that requires no additional detergent, water, or chemicals.

This process is far less abrasive than machine washing and is also less likely to harm your backpack.

For spot cleaning, you’ll need-

  • Clean water
  • Paper towel/A clean piece of any fabric (preferably cotton)

Take the cloth/piece of fabric and completely submerge it in the water, then wring it out until no more water drips from it.

Before proceeding with the process, it is crucial to ensure that it is scorched.

Gently yet firmly rub the dirty spots with the damp cloth until the stains vanish.

Repeat the process twice or three times for the best results.


If your backpack doesn’t appear to have much dirt in it and needs a little rejuvenation, drying might be the way to go.

Although you could always spot clean your bag before letting it air dry, this would give it a nice sheen.

The best approach to dry your bag is to hang it upside-down on a hanger to dry gently.

Avoid using heaters and dryers as they may cause additional damage to your backpack.

No Machine

The first rule of North Face backpack cleaning is to avoid using the washing machine.

Use the machine only when you’re left with no other cleaning options.

You may try the washing machine if the stains in your backpack appear to be too difficult to remove.


The soaking technique is for dealing with harsh situations.

It’s only applicable if other cleaning options don’t work for your backpack.

To begin, soak your bag in lukewarm water for a few minutes (no need to use extra soap or detergents as those could ruin the fabric of your backpack).

Please don’t leave the backpack in the water for too long, though, as it could damage your bag ultimately.

You could probably only dampen the parts you want to scrub instead of soaking the entire backpack, depending on how clean you want it.

Lastly, take your bag out and hang it upside down to get rid of any excess water.

It is not advisable to repeat the process too frequently as it could potentially damage your backpack.

Keep in mind that the North Face encourages its consumers to avoid soaking the bag in any way.

How To Wash A North Face Backpack

Although North Face recommends against fully submerging their backpacks in water, sometimes our backpacks need to go through a rough wash, especially if they have some tough stains from a long hiking trip.

If you urgently need to wash your bag for some reason, try the following steps:

  1. Remove any trash, sand, or loose dirt from the compartments after you’ve emptied your bag.
  2. Remove the metal frame from your bag as well.
  3. Fill a bathtub or a big sink with lukewarm water, about 6 inches deep.
  4. Start by rubbing the backpack with a cotton cloth, or use soap and a gentle brush if the stains are too difficult to remove.
  5. Soak your bag into the lukewarm water.
  6. Rinse it well, wring the pockets if necessary (make sure there’s no water left in the bag).
  7. Lastly, hang it in a cool place and wait for it to dry.

Can You Put Your North Face Backpack In The Dryer?

No, you can’t or shouldn’t place your North Face Backpack in the dryer or any other machine.

The heat may cause the bag to shrink or possibly melt specific components.

It is considerably more convenient to dry the backpack outside in the sun (if possible).

Otherwise, let it air dry naturally.

How Do You Deodorise A North Face Backpack Without Washing It

Many of us have experienced circumstances where our backpacks began to smell unpleasant even after a deep cleaning.

After a lengthy period of use, backpacks begin to emit a foul odor. And many of us consider tossing it out, presuming it has become obsolete.

We don’t realize that it’s not a significant problem, and we can quickly deodorize our backpacks using effortless methods.

Placing silica gel bags inside your backpack is one of the simplest ways to deodorize it.

Or you can also try placing a tiny bit of baking soda in the bottom of the pack and let it out in the sun for the entire day.

If the issue of bad smell is something you frequently deal with, consider getting a deodorizer pack to keep inside the bag at all times.

You might also try hand-washing the inside of your backpack with a moderate, fresh-scented detergent.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re planning to buy a North Face Backpack for your next trip, you may have some queries about the quality and overall performance of the bag.

I’ve compiled a list of the most often asked questions along with their answers for your convenience.

Which North Face Backpacks Are Waterproof?

The majority of North Face backpacks are water-resistant rather than waterproof.

Specific models include an outer material that effectively prevents water from entering the pack.

The outside of backpacks, like the Kaban, is composed of the same water-resistant material that North Face uses on their duffel bags.

If you’re going to a damp region or somewhere where it rains frequently, these are your best bets.

Are North Face Backpacks Water Resistant

The brand itself states that-

Most of our backpacks are water-resistant, but only some are waterproof. Please refer to each backpack’s product for specific information about features.

North Face

That does not imply you should submerge your backpack completely.

Water exposure can cause rusting on the zipper and other components; therefore, it’s best to keep it dry.

The North Face range is hard to beat if you’re seeking a high-quality, well-functioning daily backpack.

The price might be an issue if you’re on a budget.

To justify the price, keep in mind that they are of excellent quality and come with a lifetime warranty.

What Materials Are Used To Make North Face Backpacks?

The brand typically uses a synthetic material called PrimaLoft to make its bags.

PrimaLoft Yarn is either made up of 100% polyester or a mixture of 45 percent polyester and 55 percent merino wool, all of which provide excellent comfort and moisture control for the end-user while still being environmentally sustainable.

How To Store A North Face Backpack To Keep It Clean?

The ideal way to store a North Face Backpack is in a closet with a plastic cover over it.

If you decide to put it in the garage or mudroom, make sure to keep it off the ground/somewhere higher to prevent it from getting dirty.

Things To Avoid While Cleaning A North Face Backpack

For a better overview of what you shouldn’t do while cleaning your backpack, I’ve listed out the most important points below:

  • Avoid using the washing machine at all costs.
  • Never put the bag in the dryer.
  • To protect the protective coatings on a backpack, avoid using hot water or a rough hard-bristled brush when cleaning it.
  • Never use bleach or chemicals containing bleach to clean your bag because it will degrade the fabric’s quality.
  • Avoid scrubbing any zippers that may have a waterproof coating.


Before proceeding to any cleaning methods, always check the instructions of your backpack manufacturer.

If they recommend against submerging the backpack in water, wipe it clean with a wet cloth.

If there are no additional cleaning instructions on the labeling, test clean a small portion of the bag to ensure that the rest may be submerged in water.

Because taking a significant risk could get your precious backpack ruined.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you pay close attention to the details.

Try to follow good maintenance habits at all times to avoid any chance of ever meeting a situation where you need to wash it.

Washing your North Face Backpack once in a few months shouldn’t be a big issue, especially if you follow the steps correctly with caution.

Keep in mind that if you take proper care of your cherished bag, its longevity will improve.

All in all, always try to clean your North Face Backpack as the brand instructed.

The least desired solution should be reserved for the toughest stains.

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