An unisex backpack will all the necessary features and layers are really rare but The North Face Jester has all the backpack facilities that you need. While you are biking, hiking or going to your school, North Face Jester Backpack can carry your necessary items as well as bring some extra look to your style.

There are few compartments to hold your items specially then you can find them as per your needs. Let’s look on some special features of this backpack.

Elegant Looks

Now a days a backpack is not only a backpack but it is a part of smartness however North Face Jester Backpack has an unique design and high quality polyester that you can you use for long time without any construction damage.

North Face Jester Backpack Review

Whether you have one of this you can feel relax regarding quality and design as well as features where everything is perfect.

Multiple Compartments

Every person has different dimensions and different purpose for using a backpack however North Face Jester Backpack has a large and big compartment to put your laptop or books or cloths, a medium size compartment to put books or extra layers.

There are two different pockets to hold water bottles however there is another pocket to put keys and other equipment.

Comfortable Shoulder Starves

To keep adjusted your backpack on your body, it is important to lock the bag perfectly however this backpack has two shoulder starves from both side to lock it with you even they are very comfortable and smooth as well.

The amazing feature is that there is a emergency signal that you can use in case of emergency. There is a cross belt that you can hold while you wear the backpack.

All in One

Though this is a single backpack but it include all the backpack facilities, this medium capacity main compartment there you can put your laptop and the second large one there you can put your books or extra layers.

There are some additional pockets to put your cell phone or small office equipment like keys, pens or CDs.

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  • Unisex Backpack
  • Smart and elegant design
  • Made with high quality polyester
  • Multiple compartments
  • Safe to carry valuable and sensitive devices.


  • This backpack is not waterproof

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can the backpack hold a laptop?

A: Yes, This is a medium capacity backpack that can hold a laptop up to 15.6 inch size.

Q: How many pockets does it have?

A: 2 side pockets and then the 2 main compartments and then a compartment inside the largest compartment for a laptop.

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Final Verdict

If you are looking for a backpack with unique looks as well as all the necessary backpack facilities, in your case North Face Jester Backpack is for you.

It has all everything that you need like separate compartment to hold you r laptop as well as books or extra layers, however that shoulder starves can lock the backpack on your body and safe you from danger. Finally it is not only a backpack but a complete companion to make you trip more enjoyable.

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