It you are looking for a medium size backpack with all the necessary features specially for school, college or any short trip. Probably this Ogio Metro Street Backpack will be for you.

The specialty of this backpack is it has duel slave pad to keep laptop safe from damage even if you want you can carry two laptops together and they will be separate by special salve pad protectors. If you are planning to buy one of this, you can have a look on the following features of this smart backpack.

Multiple Compartments

If you are a school or college going student or planning for a short term holy day, you need different items for different uses. However this backpack has multiple compartments for various use.

Ogio Metro Street Backpack

The largest compartment is enough to hold a large size laptop from side, left side large pocket is to carry a medium size water bottle as well as few more small pockets are to hold small equipment.

Ogio Metro Street Backpack Has Smart Looking

Now a days a backpack is not only a bag but it is a part of our smartness, however this backpack has an elegant looking with black lighting color. The attractive design as well as quality cotton made the bag more beautiful.

Whether you are using this backpack, you just wear the bag on your back then lock the shoulder slaves now you feel more smart and comfortable.

Different Compartments

For different purpose this back pack has few numbers of pockets for different purposes of use. The biggest compartment to carry your laptop, side pockets on both sides are for water and small box respectively.

There is medium size pocket to hold computer mouse, the most amazing feature of Ogio Metro Street Backpack is there are few small pockets inside of the bag to hold some business card, USB device, pens etc.

Easy to Carry

Most of the time we feel bored and tired to carry a big and heavy bag while we a going to enjoy a short term holy day or school. Whether this back has shoulder slaves with both side that we can put on our shoulders and lock with body.

However this backpack is very comfortable to use with a hanger between both shoulders that we can hold by hands while you don’t like to carry on shoulders.

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  • Comfortable to carry on
  • Multiple compartments for different use
  • Made with high quality cotton
  • Smart and elegant design
  • Waterproof


  • This backpack is not too large to carry lot of items for long trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this item have a side zip access for laptop?

A: Yes, Side zip access for laptop. Main front zip for books, folders, etc. Smaller front zip with room for pens, wallet, etc. Plus two more small zips at the top. One for an iPod/MP3 with a spot for headphones to come out of the bag. Plenty of storage.

Q: What is the actual dimensions?

A: Interior is approximately 8 ” deep, 15″ tall, and 14 ” Wide.

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Final Verdict

If you are really looking for a medium capacity bag for you school, college or for a short trip, in your case Ogio Metro Street Backpack will be the best option for you. However it has all the necessary features like big space for laptop with protection as well as many small pockets to hold water bottle and small equipment.

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