While you are packing to an extended trip or any operation of few days, you need a smart backpack to carry gear your personal necessary items SwissGear SA1908 ScanSmart Backpack, maybe will be the best solution for you.

However this smart backpack has all the necessary features to make you happy and add some extra effect to enjoy your trip.

Comfortable to Carry, Multiple Size Laptops

It is one of the necessary elements to carry our laptop even while we go for a trip however this backpack has a locker there you can hold multiple size laptop up to 17 inches.

SwissGear SA1908

Whether you are worried to take you bigger or smaller laptop with you for a trip, this backpack can solve your problem easily. Just put your laptop and lock tightly as pressure it requires to hold then lock the backpack.

SwissGear SA1908 ScanSmart Backpack Is Adjustable

Nowadays everyone wants to do some adventures like biking, hiking or climbing on hills, while you are going to adventure, you need a backpack to carry your necessary items in a backpack and it should be adjust with your body.

However this backpack has two shoulder straps to lock the backpack with your body tightly. While you are going for adventure just put the backpack on your back then lock the shoulder straps. There are two small pockets on straps that you can use for immediate needs.

Keep Everything Organized

Whether you are going for a trip, you need different items for different purposes and everything should be organized to find your target items easily. However this backpack has an organization compartment to hold pens, pencils, cell phone and CDs.

It is one of the necessary features that this backpack has an organized compartment to hold your necessary equipment that you can find easily while they will be needed.

Airflow Back System

It is important to feel comfortable while you are on your trip or work, however this backpack has Multi-panel airflow design system that provides extra padding for comfort and maximum back support to use more smoothly.

This unique designed backpack got a smart looking as well as comfortable to use even it will bring some extra enjoyments into your holidays.

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  • Unique quick recognition window design
  • Shoulder straps to lock with body
  • Multi-panel airflow design ensure maximum support
  • Well organized pockets
  • Enable to carry multiple size laptops
  • Multiple compartments


  • This backpack is not fully waterproof

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does it fit a coffee travel mug in the bottle pocket?

A: It fits a large water bottle, so the travel cup will fit. 

Q: Is this Swissgear original?

A: Yes, it is the original one with all the same features.

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Final Verdict

If you are looking for a medium capacity backpack with all the necessary features and facilities, this economical backpack can make you satisfied and this bag is for you.

It has all the facilities like  facility to hold multiple laptops and well organized compartment to hold all the necessary equipment like pens, cell phone and CDs etc. SwissGear SA1908  ScanSmart Backpack has capability to carry and protect your necessary items securely.

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