Sometimes when you want something more efficiently design, smart looks as well as more effective than others Under Armour Storm Hustle Backpack like that. This not only your backpack but it is also a big supporter and carrier while you are going for a long trip.

Whether you are lugging around your materials like laptop or any other valuables they will be remain safe and secured even in the raining. The construction of the backpack with high quality materials and protect from any environmental harm.

81% Polyester and 19% Nylon

The overall construction of this backpack has made as waterproof, the combination of polyester and nylon bring huge stretch and strong as well as surety to use for long time. The polyester and nylon are high quality that will keep color like new for long time use .

Whether you are going to any sunny or rainy area this backpack can safe your valuables from danger of rain and sun because it is waterproof as well made with high quality materials that can assure about security.

Under Armour Storm Hustle Backpack

Keep Safe your Laptop

We can’t think a day without a laptop even it is necessary to carry while we go for holiday. This backpack has few compartments and the biggest one is to hold laptop up to 15 inch. The laptop compartment has made with soft lined sleeve to keep your laptop free from damage.

While you are running, walking or biking through and rude ways you can be relax to go because your sensitive devises are save inside of this backpack. However there is a locker with laptop that to lock your laptop and hold straightly.

Separate and Multiple Compartments

When we go somewhere even to school, gum or for holiday, it is need to take different materials for different purposes however Under Armour Storm Hustle Backpack has 8 compartments including 3 interior slip and 5 exterior for multiple use.

However the interior slips are cooperatively large in size and to hold bigger materials like laptop, cloths or any sensitive devices. The exterior pockets are to use to put water bottle or any immediate necessary materials like headphone, power bank etc. This backpack offers multiple compartments for different that you can choice as you need.

Keep Fit on Your Body

Whether you go for riding horse or climb on hills , it is important to keep your backpack fit tightly on your body however this backpack has adjustable heat gear shoulders with both sides to lock the backpack on your body the you can feel more safe and comfortable.

With different backpack facilities this one of the best one that you can lock your backpack on your body even there are two small pockets with shoulder straps that you can use for instant necessary like put your headphone or keys.

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  • Made with high quality polyester and nylon
  • Waterproof
  • Easily fit on body
  • Heavy duty backpack
  • 8 Different compartments
  • Shoulder slaps to lock on body
  • Soft lined laptop sleeve


  • This backpack does not consist any build in temperature controller

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does it fit macbook 15.6 inch ?

A: Yes, it is fits in the laptop pocket with a laptop zipper sleeve over it.

Q: Would this be good for college?

A: It would work great for college. It holds a laptop nice and protected as well.

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Final Verdict

A backpack with all the necessary features is really great, while you are planning to select the best backpack there all the considerable features are present with this backpack. During the rainy days this backpack will make your trip more enjoyable.

Different compartments will give you options to put different materials into different compartment. Under Armour Storm Hustle Backpack is really a smart choice.

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